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A safe and healthy work environment is key to having productive employees and a successful business. The way that you maintain your office environment directly correlates with your commitment to your team. Professional sanitizing services show that you put the needs of your employees at the top of your list. Our team of sanitization professionals will work with you and your entire staff to ensure everyone knows how to properly sanitize surfaces in between professional cleanings.

Every time we clean our services include the following:

Bathrooms: Toilets cleaned, mirrors and sink fixtures cleaned, restock toiletries, and refill sanitization stations.

Common Areas: All common areas cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, and wiped down. Sanitization stations refilled.

Carpet Area: Carpet vacuumed and stained areas spot treated, baseboards wiped.

Break Rooms: Appliances disinfected, tables and chairs wiped down, refrigerator cleaned by request. 

Work Areas (including conference rooms): Phones, headsets, keyboards, mouses, chairs, tables, and desks all wiped down and disinfected.

This is a condensed list of services we provide. Please call us for further details or other inquiries.

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    June 2021